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Choose your olive oil with care!

Everything you need to know to choose your oil with care!

Favuzzi plans everything with the utmost attention! We are impatiently awaiting the new harvest, and nothing is left to chance. Our oil is tested by an independent lab to certify it complies with our requirements, which are three times stricter than the International Olive Council standards.

Tasting the harvest

Michel Favuzzi is an olive oil sommelier. Just like an oenologist does with wine, the sommelier, an expert in his field, can identify a good or bad oil simply by smelling it! The capacity to test each new harvest and to control taste and quality is a unique asset for Favuzzi.

Bottling at the estate

Once the sommelier’s approval is received, the oil is bottled directly at our producer’s mill, guaranteeing unparalleled freshness! It is worth pointing out that olive oil oxidizes very quickly.

The long journey

The bottles are ready to leave the estate by boat, headed for the Port of Montreal. The journey will last for several weeks. Transportation is a crucial step to ensure the quality of the oil is preserved. We avoid importing oil during the summer unless cooled containers can be used, and we maintain a low temperature in our warehouses to promote conservation. We especially don’t want the oil to overheat, since it would lose its health benefits.

- A good oil evokes freshness: it smells and tastes crisp and green. It is bitter, pungent and harmonious all at once.

- A superior oil does not leave a greasy sensation on the lips or the palate; that would be a sign of oxidation.

- The oil should not necessarily taste like olives, the same way wine does not taste like grapes. In fact, an olive tapenade taste is a sign that the oil is fusty (fermented).