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JOE BEEF in numbers

A few facts and numbers about Joe Beef and its chefs, who are not at all interested in rankings and numbers… How ironic!

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David McMillan and Fred Morin are the two chefs at the helm of Joe Beef. Several years ago, the two friends were sitting at table inside Café Joe on Notre-Dame Street to discuss their plans for the future, exhausted by their professional situation at the time. The owner happened to let them know he was closing down. No need to invest an insane amount of money, the space could be theirs as long as they paid the rent! Allison Cunningham joins the adventure some eight weeks later, the cafe became Joe Beef.

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Joe Beef is currently ranked 3rd on Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants listing (April 2018). If you have a chance to ask David how he feels about his restaurant being named one of the country’s best year after year, he will tell you that was never his goal!

No one is better than the next guy, there are many other excellent restaurants. – David

Modest and genuine, David focuses on doing his job well; that is the secret of his success.

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Our taste buds are spoiled for choice since Joe Beef has five sister restaurants in Montreal: Mon Lapin, Liverpool House, Vin Papillon, McKiernan’s and Bark Lake.

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Joe Beef has been delighting our palates for 14 years. Did you know the restaurant was named after Charles “Joe-Beef” McKiernan? As a quartermaster with the British Army, he had a knack for finding meat and other supplies each time his regiment was short on food! That is how he earned his nickname. Around 1868, in the neighbourhood we know today as Old Montreal, he opened Joe Beef’s Canteen, where anyone who wanted to eat was welcome. He left his mark on 19th-century history as a working-class hero.

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You can take home 24 Joe Beef brand delicacies: from spices and sauces to mustards and mayos, David offers a wide range of products he uses himself daily “because they’re really good!”

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Today, Joe Beef has 80 seats. It could originally seat only 30 guests, but expanded on the strength of its success.

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David McMillan is deeply attached to his team, who is like family. Day to day, nothing matters as much to him as his 90 employees spread over five restaurants, who work hard so we can enjoy unforgettable food experiences!

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