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Antipasti & Olives

Black olive and citrus spread

Popol wanted to create a 100% vegetarian product, different from classic Provençal tapenades, so they designed recipes that contain no anchovies or capers and chose the most traditional conservation method, sterilization. New flavours are added to this line every year. Their gourmet spreads are made with cooked vegetables, then packed in jars and sterilized to allow for a long shelf life (just like the canned goods our grandmothers used to make). They contain no additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers. They fully preserve the flavours, colours and textures to bring you a delicious appetizer to share with friends. This one is a Greek-style black olive spread with just a hint of sweetness from confit clementines.
Greek-style black olive purée, garlic, seasonings, extra virgin olive oil, confit clemetines and lemon juice.

Gluten-free, sulfites or allergens. Vegetarian recipes.

Popol have been specializing in vinegar making since 1987. Their expertise: perfect harmony between a high proportion of fruit and a sulfite-free vegetal vinegar base. Flavourful, smooth and slightly tangy, their products will deliciously enhance your hot and cold dishes. The only limit is your culinary imagination.