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For both the true Grill Masters and the amateurs, here is our Italian seasoning kit! This pinch of delight will enhance any BBQ dish!

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Our kit is composed of :

  • Our sea salt with fresh herbs: these grains of sea salt are infused with intense fresh rosemary aromas and woodsy sage notes, complemented with a hint of pepper.
  • Our tuscan meat rub: flecked with red and green from dried tomato and chili flakes and bits of oregano and rosemary, its aromatic, salty taste reveals a hint of garlic and cumin with a spicy finish. 
  • Our Italian herb mix: our salt-free Italian herb blend features bold thyme and oregano flavours with notes of rosemary, sage, juniper, bay leaf, marjoram, basil and parsley, and just a hint of garlic.
  • Our spicy Italian herb mix: Its subtle rosemary, parsley, bay leaf, basil and garlic notes quickly give way to the heat of chili pepper. 


Composition of the set

  • 1x FA41 - Sea salt with fresh herbs
  • 1x FA67 - Tuscan meat rub
  • 1x FA68 - Italian herb mix
  • 1x FA69 - Spicy Italian herb mix

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