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Favuzzi espresso Coffee Beans

Why was this product created ?

To create our very own unique and best small-batch artisanal tasting espresso.

Distinctive features

Italy is renowned for roasting the best espressos, but does not grow any coffee. The beans are imported and processed, then shipped back to America. Between maritime transport and stock turnover, there is simply no way of knowing how many months the coffee we purchase has spent on the shelves. This means even a premium coffee is no longer a premium product by the time it is purchased, simply because it is no longer fresh. In contrast, Favuzzi coffee is roasted daily in batches of 25 kg, less than 1 km from our warehouses, by artisans with Italian roots.

Production method

Developing the Favuzzi coffee blend was a lengthy process, beginning with cupping different beans, based on origin, to identify their organoleptic properties (aroma, taste, texture, colour, smell, etc.). Many roasting tests were then carried out to find the adequate percentage of beans from each origin, as well as the exact roasting temperature and time for the blend. Afterwards, the coffee was left to rest, to release its CO2 in preparation for tasting. During the tastings, an evaluation chart was filled out, based on predetermined criteria, to record overall impressions on the product.

The artisans behind the product

Made with mastery and passion, Favuzzi coffees are roasted in keeping with the purest Italian tradition, in Montreal, by the master roaster artisans from Café Barista. Favuzzi coffees are made with specially selected beans from Africa (Ethiopia) and South America (Brazil and Colombia). Café Barista are artisan roasters based in Montreal’s Chabanel area. Founded in 2004, the business specializes in coffee roasting, sales and distribution.

Childhood friends Alex Sereno and Enrico Serena wanted to introduce the whole province to the wonders of espresso products. As soon as they started their business, the two friends worked tirelessly to promote the beloved Italian drink all over Quebec.

Enrico travels to meet Italian colleagues on their home ground and discuss the art of coffee roasting and blending with them. These exchanges help Barista stay up to date with what is actually being done in Italy. In addition, the Barista team creates new recipes following a very strict protocol, and does the same when recipes need to be adjusted based on the new harvest, when green coffee beans arrive, ready for roasting.


A short espresso should be infused between 20 and 25 seconds at a temperature of 92 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind that water rich in minerals (lime) has a tendency to change the taste of the coffee and damage the espresso machine. It is therefore strongly recommended to use a water filter in order to soften the water and extend the life of your machine.

Whole-bean coffee.

It’s no secret that the best espressos are roasted in Italy. Coffee beans, however, are grown in various places around the world. To minimize transportation and preserve the coffee’s freshness, Alex and Enrico started their micro-roasting business in Montreal, with a faithful respect for Italian tradition and expertise. Barista’s two founders regularly meet up with Italian colleagues to stay up to date with what they concretely do, since the Canadian team is in charge of creating new recipes. Focused on freshness, the team roasts coffee in small batches delivered on a weekly basis.