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Mediterranean Herb Shrub (fermented cocktail mixer)

Launched in 2017, the Dr Shrub line was made to from one of the worlds more renown specialty vinegar producer (Acetum, SPA). The goal is to provide a convenient and quality option to mixologists and bar tenders who are looking to create innovative cocktails. Drinking vinegars, commonly called “shrubs” in the world of mixology, are generally made from grape must, fruit juice and wine vinegar. They are part of a growing trend in fermented foods and are used in countless cocktail recipes, both alcoholic and virgin. The Dr. Shrub line is made with 100% natural ingredients.

White wine vinegar, concentrated grape must, basil extract,thyme natural flavor, natural flavor.

Contains sulfites.

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Already a balsamic vinegar industry leader, Acetum has launched a new brand featuring 100% natural drinking vinegars. These combine the freshness of fruit juices with the bittersweet taste of carefully selected grape musts and wine vinegars. This type of drink, called a shrub, has been enjoyed for centuries on all continents. The Dr. Shrub product line delights mixologists and amateur cocktail creators alike.