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Sugar cane cola (24/cs)

Boylan Sugar Cane Cola is a superpremium beverage. This beverage can be characterized as a turn-of-the-century cola, less acidic, less sweet and made with a blend of classic notes. Don’t look for this cola in plastic 2 litre bottles anytime soon!

Carbonated water, cane sugar, caramel color, phosphoric acid, natural flavors, caffeine.


The Boylan Bottling story started in 1891, when a pharmacist named William Boylan created an elixir in his apothecary in Paterson, New Jersey. He named this serum derived from birch extract “Boylan’s Birch” and began selling it by the cup from a barrel in the back of a wagon. While birch beer will always be a big part of the brand’s heritage, Boylan is mostly known today for its wide range of artisanal sodas, from the four core flavours – ginger ale, root beer, black cherry and cream soda – to other popular varieties such as cane sugar cola, orange and grape.