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Classic calissons 100g

The calissons of Aix-en-Provence are made with candied melon, almonds and orange peel. Usually dressed with a white icing, delicately and naturally flavoured with vanilla. Fruidoraix's calissons of Aix received a "Best Specialty of France" award for their superior taste and flavour.

Candied melon (melon, sugar, glucose syrup), almonds, sugar, icing sugar, candied orange peel (orange peel, sugar, glucose syrup), unleavened bread (potato starch, water), glucose syrup, egg whites, vanilla flavouring.

May contain traces of stone fruits, gluten and sulfites.

Based in Aix-en-Provence, France, Fruidoraix is a confectioner specializing in calissons, nougats and chocolates. Founded in 1880, the company has been passed on from mother to daughter for four generations. Today, Fruidoraix is reputed for selecting superior ingredients and creating premium original Provençal specialties. Fruidoraix collaborates with the biggest names in French gastronomy and has received awards for a number of its creations: trophy for innovation (Victorine hazelnut nougat), Grand prix de France des spécialités, Ruban bleu at the International confectionery trade fair.