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Pure butter crispy biscuits with ginger

Delicious and crispy, with an intense and delicious ginger taste, ideal with tea.


Wheat flour, sugar, butter (MILK) 20%, ginger powder 1%, sea salt. 

Contains : wheat, milk.

May contain : eggs, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, coconut, pine nuts, soy.

Heir of the ancient Tuscan bakery tradition, Francesco is really keen on food and driven by the spirit of continuous research. In 2001 he founded DESEO for his desire of having his own artisan’s workshop.

DESEO is the pastry maker’s workroom for creative experimentation and it looks forward to new ideas, new flavours and colours.

The biscuits are handmade products, baked on a daily basis, sharing a philosophy of quality and authenticity that does not permit the use of any type of preservative, no palm oil for its negative effects on health and environment. Their main goal is creating well-balanced and tasty biscuits with excellence of the ingredients, natural flavors, handmade working methods and traditional cooking systems.