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Extra-virgin Olive Oils


Centenarium Premium EVOO

Great aromatic complexity evoking reminiscences of plants coexisting in our olive grove, highlighting wheat grass, tomato and green apple. In mouth it is well balanced, it has a very nice and sweet entrance, slightly bitter and spicy, its persistence over time is delicate and elegant.

Aceite de Pago comes from the latin word ''pagus'', which means a specific part of land or estate. This expression is used by Andalousian to describe Centenarium Premium, because the olive oil is produced exclusively from the family’s centenary Picual olive grove.  It is identified and distinguished by an immediate clean, fresh, fruity feeling and herbaceous fragrances. ​Its unique traits and profile are related to the specific microclimate where the olives grow, near the Guadalimar river. 

98/99 - top 20 best olive oils in the world.


  • NYIOOC Best in Class award
  • Mention in the EVOOLEUM guide (world’s 100 best olive oils)
  • Olive Japan 2018: Gold medal
  • Olive Japan 2018: Best private producer
  • Oil China 2018: Silver medal
  • Leone D ́Oro 2018 (Italy): 2nd prize, Monovarietale Estero
  • Sol D ́Oro de Verona 2018 (Italy): Special mention, Intense fruit category
  • Il Magnifico 2018 (Spain): Nominated for Best Spanish Oil
  • Monocultivar Olive Oil: Gold medal
  • AVPA Paris (France): Silver medal
  • Jaén Selección 2018: Selected
  • Flos Olei 2018: 97 points

100% Picual.

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“Nobleza del Sur” extra virgin olive oils are homegrown oils, produced exclusively with the best olives harvested on the family farms, located in a privileged environment.

The Centenarium Premium is obtained from the “Vista Alegre” farm, located in the heart of the Jaén countryside. This farm enjoys a unique Mediterranean microclimate with plenty of morning dew, thanks to its proximity to the Guadalimar River, which influences the oil’s excellent quality and gives it its seal of distinction.


Today, Aceites Nobleza del Sur symbolizes their love for the land, their dream and their commitment to the noble and mythical tree that makes up the Jaén landscape, unique in the world.

Since 1640, the year their direct ancestor Miguel Sánchez Sagra acquired an olive grove in Los Añadios-Jaén (Andalusia), their family has been rooted in the olive tradition. Twelve generations later, the same agricultural activity is still being preserved, with the Peñuelas-Sagra family continuing to work on and tend to this same olive grove.

After witnessing this unique occupation being passed on generation after generation, the Peñuelas-Sagra family was driven to launch a new project: to build their own mill and take full advantage of the great qualities their olive trees possess by producing Centenarium Premium.


As farmers, the family has combined tradition and modernity to optimize oil production and make the best of their crops.

They use the latest technological advances in olive culture such as aerial vegetation management, periodical analysis of the soil and leaves, as well as exhaustive control of the growth and vegetation renewal the olive tree needs.

Each harvest, they select only the best quality, optimally ripe olives to produce exquisite oils, pressed at very low temperatures, characterized by their intense aromas, green fruity notes, careful balance, intense complexity and elegant structure. These oils’ unparalleled aromas recall the plants and flowers that grow side by side in the olive grove and are the result of environmentally friendly agriculture.