Delight in the Finer Things

Extra-virgin Olive Oils

Aromatic Notes Artichoke Green
Grass Green
Composition Picual
Harvest peeriod 1st week of November
Altitude 700 m
Olive trees 80
Annual production 20 000 L
Chemical parameters Acidity 0.1

El Bonhomme

This is a superior olive oil with pronounced aromas, golden in colour with pistachio green highlights. Very delicate, it is distinguished by aromatic notes reminiscent of fresh herbs, green almonds and green tomatoes.

Created to pass on the joie de vivre of Spain’s Mediterranean coast, El Bonhomme is one of the latest newcomers to the Vins Bonhomme family.

Produced in Spain’s Andalusia region, this extra virgin oil is made from three olive varieties, Hojiblanca, Picual and Picudo, a blend which results in a complex oil of exceptional delicacy and freshness. The slow development of the olives, harvested early in the high altitude of the Sierra Subbética Natural Park, allows for a perfect balance between aromatic notes. Designated as a UNESCO site in 2006, the park emerged from the sea millions of years ago and has since been sculpted into a rich landscape comprising sinkholes, fertile plains, canyons and waterways bordered by lush vegetation. El Bonhomme olive oil is produced at the very heart of this karst terrain by Almazaras de la Subbética. The word ‘almazaras’ testifies to Andalusia’s rich history: it is the Spanish word for an oil mill, but it comes from Arabic. The Arabic verb ‘assara means to crush, mash and press (the olives). To this day, Almazaras de la Subbética is the world’s most award-winning oil mill.

Perfect pairings according to Nathalie Bonhomme

Firm cheeses such as manchego or aged cheddar, boiled potatoes, grilled vegetables and salads.


Nathalie Bonhomme was born in Montreal and has spent many years of her life discovering the secrets of the wine world. After setting up her residence in Spain more than 20 years ago, Nathalie has left her mark and global vision as export manager and ambassador of the Spanish wine in many prestigious bodegas.

Her curious  and  restless spirit pushed her to go one  step further in 2007 and  launched her own wine range: Les Vins Bonhomme, a brand that not only carried her surname but also her charisma and vitality. The family has grown and now there are 8 members with successful sales results. The production of the entire range is divided between Rafael Cambra winery and Gil Family Estates wineries,these ones led by renowned producer Miguel Gil and where Nathalie holds the Export Manager position.

This dream came true thanks to her curious and restless spirit and the support of her friends from Jumilla and  Valencia. This experience has been faithfully illustrated in the identity that defines the wines range through suggestive concepts such as travel, feel, laugh, share and enjoy life among others.


She has recently added a new and different member to this family: the Extra Virgin Olive Oil "El Bonhomme", a fresh and Mediterranean styled oil with the spirit of the brand.

The olive oil is a key ingredient of the Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine, and its healthy benefits are well known.With this in mind, Nathalie Bonhomme decided to launch a high quality product characterized by the same concepts that define Les Vins Bonhomme family: feel, enjoy, share,a philosophy that has succesfully worked with the wine.

El Bonhomme olive oil lands in Canada aiming to transmit the Mediterranean gastronomy benefits to our tables.