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Extra-virgin Olive Oils

Notes aromatiques Artichoke Green
Composition 100% Koroneiki
Période de récolte November 15th - December 1st
Altitude 30 m
Nombre d'oliviers 2 000
Production annuelle 7 000 L
Paramètres chimiques Acidity 0.3


Oil with a balanced aromatic profile, featuring prominent tomato and green almond fragrances.

Effy Ligris lives in Montreal with her husband and her two children. She inherited an olive grove planted over 50 years ago by her grandfather Vassily. Every year, she goes back to Greece and joins her relatives to produce her oil. This oil is made exclusively from the fruit of the olive trees planted by her grandfather, handpicked according to family tradition. The early harvest restricts the volume of oil produced (around 10,000 bottles), but ensures optimal quality and a flavour bursting with intensity.

An oil with a Quebec accent

In 1950, Vassily and Stavros Ligris, Effy Ligris’s grandfather and father, planted some Koroneiki olive trees on the family’s land in the hills near Kalethéa, in Greece’s Kalamata region.

For over half a century, the oil from these trees has been present in all aspects of the family's life: work, food, health, even rituals and ceremonies. Every Ligris newborn is baptized with the family's oil, ensuring contact with the family tradition from the youngest age. A unique respect for the olive trees and their fruits is passed on from one generation to the next. With her family’s approval and blessing, Effy, who lives in Laval with her husband and two children, founded her business, Kalikori, to share this bounty with Canadian consumers. The name Kalikori means “good daughter” in Greek and is meant to honour her ancestors and heritage. She aspires to living up to the name by perpetuating her family tradition. In the same spirit, she called Kalikori’s premium quality cold-pressed oil “L’Olivier de Vassily” (Vassily’s olive tree) as a tribute to her grandfather (Papou).

Throughout the year, family members watch over the olive grove. Théo Kosta, Effy’s uncle and the main person in charge of the plantation, begins the harvest in November, before all the olives are ripe. The olives are hand-picked, following a tradition dating back many centuries. They are then sent to the mill, where they are washed and sorted before pressing. 

Koroneiki variety olives, green and small, are grown exclusively for oil. Thanks to the early harvest and the rocky soil of the Kalamata region’s mountains, the Ligris plantation yields a superior quality oil available in limited quantities.

The Kalikori olive oil sold in 500 ml bottles comes exclusively from the Koroneiki olive trees planted by Effy’s grandfather and father. The early harvest gives the oil its aroma, peppery finish and moderately intense aromatic notes reminiscent of spring herbs and the Mediterranean sun. Just like good wine, every yearly harvest has a unique flavour depending on climate and rainfall. The number of bottles produced varies from year to year, but quantities are always limited. Kalikori olive oil is best consumed raw: drizzle it as a finishing touch over fish or soup, add it to your pestos or salads, or simply use it to dip bread.

As for the oil sold in 3 L format, it is produced from a blend of Mavro Elies (black) and Koroneiki olives grown in the famous Messinia region (Kalamata). Ideal for cooking, this oil is characterized by a low acidity level (0.4%), delicate aromatic notes and a price affordable enough for day-to-day use.

Kalikori's olive oil harvest