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Famiglia Favuzzi

Favuzzi candied Tomatoes

Why was this product created ?

Offer tasty sundried tomatoes with a much softer texture than traditional recipes.

Distinctive features

Favuzzi candied tomatoes are tasty and flavorful. Ripened to perfection under the Abruzzo sun, in Italy, and preserved in a blend of extra-virgin olive oil and sunflower oil, their flavors are enhanced with a hint of basil, oregano, garlic and wine vinegar. Furthermore, they contain no preservatives.

Production method

Selected fresh tomatoes are marinated, then slowly cooked in a very low oven to preserve the tender texture that sets them apart from traditional dried tomatoes.        


Favuzzi candied tomatoes are the only authentic Italian tomatoes: they are made from vine tomatoes picked on the land of our producer in the Abruzzo region.

Located in the high hills of Roccascalegna in Italy which enjoy a mild and temperate climate throughout the year, the recipes are made from raw materials having benefited from the best conditions to develop.

The artisans behind the product

The Laurentiis family has carefully prepared several Italian specialties for two generations. Passionate, they share with pleasure authentic and traditional recipes more delicious than the last.


Delicious in pasta, on pizzas, in sandwiches, in risottos, chopped in a sauce or blended into pesto, we bet you’ll want to use Favuzzi semi-dried tomatoes in all your recipes. Ready to use, they can also be served as is, as an appetizer.

Semi-dried tomatoes (60%), sunflower oil, extra-virgin olive oil, sugar, sea salt, basil, oregano, garlic, wine vinegar, citric acid.

May contain traces of milk, fish, nuts, almonds, peanuts and pine nuts.

The artisanal business Casina Rossa (red house in Italian) has been based in the Abruzzo mountains for two generations. The cooks prepare typically Italian specialties following their grandmothers’ methods, such as simmering tomato sauces over low heat. The company focuses on using the best local products and superior quality ingredients. The artisans’ talent and know-how are the reason Favuzzi chose them to make its branded tomato sauces and truffle olive oil.