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Famiglia Favuzzi

Notes aromatiques Green
Composition 100% Manzanilla Cacerena
Période de récolte Mid-November, early December
Altitude 600-700 M
Nombre d'oliviers 30 000
Production annuelle 65 000 L
Paramètres chimiques Acidity 0.19
Peroxides 2.5
Polyphenols > 500

Favuzzi delicate EVOO (Chefs) 2L

The official extra virgin olive oil of La Tablée des Chefs 


Our delicate oil features pleasant aromatic notes of banana, almond and ripe tomato.


Designed by Michel Favuzzi, a member of the New York International Culinary Center's first class of olive oil sommeliers, our exceptional quality oils are available in three aromatic intensities: Delicate, made for chefs; Moderate, for everyday use; and Intense, as a finishing touch.

Distinctives attributes

We created this oil with delicate aromas at the request of chefs who wanted a less bitter, less pungent oil to use in their subtly flavoured dishes. To achieve this, we picked the olives later in the season, starting in the second half of November,
just as they began to turn colour and become riper. Determining the maximum ripeness level to comply with Favuzzi’s strict organoleptic and chemical standards is quite the balancing act. Fortunately, just like our moderate oil, our delicate oil is produced under the supervision of one of Spain’s best olive growers, Miguel Carrasco. Miguel ensures the finished product is a superior quality oil, as confirmed by exhaustive analysis reports from a third-party laboratory.


Named Extremadura's best olive oil producer for six consecutive years, the artisan behind our Favuzzi olive oil is one of Spain's most respected. A true example of technological innovation in the industry, Miguel Carrasco's mill reflects the owner's environmental commitment and tireless dedication to producing exceptional extra virgin olive oil. 


Eljas, Extremadura, Spain.


Extra virgin olive oil (100% Manzanilla Cacerena).


Unlike wine, olive oil does not improve with age. It begins to alter as soon as it is produced and can become completely oxidized in just a few months if it is not stored in ideal conditions. It needs to be consumed rapidly for its full benefits to be enjoyed. To get the freshest oil on the market, choose one from the latest harvest, in a dark glass bottle. Avoid keeping the oil on the counter, exposed to light, and near the stove or other heat sources. Instead, store it in a cool, dry place. Close the bottle tightly after use to avoid exposing the oil to air, and consume within three months of opening.

Named Extremadura’s best olive oil producer for six consecutive years, the artisan behind our Favuzzi olive oil is one of Spain’s most respected. A true example of innovation in the industry, the As Pontis mill reflects its owner’s environmental commitment and dedication to producing exceptional extra virgin oil.