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Famiglia Favuzzi

Favuzzi Espelette pepper PDO

Why we created this product

We wanted to be able to add the taste of hot peppers to every dish, minus the spice.

Distinctive features

We offer a product that goes beyond the AOP Espelette pepper standards, with a system ensuring traceability from the seed to the consumer.

Production method

The plants bloom from June to October. In three weeks, Espelette peppers change from green to bright red. It is then time to harvest them. Espelette peppers are picked by hand, from the month of August to the first frost (November 30th at the latest).

After the harvest, the peppers are cleaned, sorted and measured. The transformation into Espelette pepper powder requires pre-drying on racks for a minimum of 15 days. The stems are then removed by hand before the peppers are dried in the oven. After drying, they are sorted again to remove any damaged peppers, then crushed into a powder. Each batch must receive an accreditation before it is offered for sale.


The territory is spread over 10 small towns around the village of Espelette and enjoys a subtropical microclimate, characterized by generous rainfall, mild temperatures and a southern breeze.

The artisans behind the product

The small family business is managed by a father-daughter team. The father, Jean Michel Sabarots was one of the influential people whose efforts contributed to Espelette pepper receiving a double AOC/AOP quality designation in the year 2000.


Espelette pepper has the taste of hot peppers without the spice. On the Scoville scale, it is rated a 4, in other words, no hotter than black pepper. It infuses dishes with a sensation of warmth and fruity, distinctively smoky notes. It is used as a finishing touch, to add just a bit of heat.

Espelette Pepper.

Our Espelette pepper is the only one holding an IFS* certification on all production levels.

*International Featured Standard         

Based in the Basque Country town of Espelette, this French family business, headed by a father and daughter, produces the famous Espelette pepper. True specialists of this typically French spice used in Basque cuisine for five centuries, the artisans rely on a wealth of expertise acquired over several generations and have mastered the secrets of this superior product bearing an AOC/AOP label.