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Famiglia Favuzzi

Notes aromatiques Green
Artichoke Herbs Grass
Composition 100% Coratina
Période de récolte Early October
Altitude 150 m
Nombre d'oliviers 10 000
Production annuelle 150 000 L
Paramètres chimiques Acidity 0.26
Peroxides 4.3
Polyphenols > 500

Favuzzi Intense EVOO (Finishing)

Why was this product created ?

This oil with intense aromatic notes was designed to use as a finishing touch and pairs especially well with boldly flavoured dishes.

Distinctive features

Coratina olives are picked very early in the season, while they are still green. Although they yield a lower volume of oil, they have rich organoleptic properties and a high polyphenol content.

The oil is carefully controlled and approved by a certified sommelier. All information relative to the origin and quality of the oil is displayed on the label, in full transparency:

Olive variety: 100% Coratina

  • Exact origin: Andria, Puglia
  • Extremely low acidity level: 0.26%
  • Aromatic intensity: Intense
  • Harvest year and expiry date

Production method

Combining the Guglielmi family’s experience with the most advanced technology available to extract the oil within a few hours of harvesting guarantees a quality oil of the utmost freshness. The resulting product is an Italian extra virgin olive oil with exceptional chemical and organoleptic properties, as demonstrated by its acidity, peroxide and polyphenol values.


Favuzzi’s intense oil is made near the Adriatic coast, in the town of Andria, Puglia, the same region where the Favuzzi family has its roots.

This is Italy’s main olive-growing region, counting for over 40% of national production. The local variety, the Coratina, reigns supreme amongst the world’s olive varieties with the highest polyphenol concentration.

The artisans behind the product

Favuzzi’s intense oil is produced and approved by Saverio Guglielmi, whose family business has been making superior quality olive oil since 1954. The estate comprises over 170 carefully cultivated hectares.


Favuzzi’s intense oil features herb, artichoke and chicory aromatic notes, enhanced with rosemary and almond. This premium quality condiment enriches the taste of boldly flavoured foods and dishes. Use without moderation with any dish containing garlic, pizzas, hearty soups, arugula salads, meat, fish and grilled vegetables.

Extra-virgin olive oil (100% Coratina).

Guglielmi dal 1954 is a family company producing a premium 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 1954. Guglielmi lands extend over more than 170 carefully cultivated hectares. The company philosophy is to match old traditions with the customers' actual demands and expectations by offering a product with unique features and typical taste.

Thanks to the combination of experience and the most advanced technology, the extraction system process ensures a high quality standard product, through the monitoring and control of every single stage within 12 hours of the harvesting of native Apulian olives. Hence, an Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil of incomparable chemical and organoleptic characteristics. Guglielmi has been recognized by the Flos Olei Guide and won a Silver Award at the 2017 NYIOCC.