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Famiglia Favuzzi

Favuzzi organic divine balsamic


This vinegar has a dense, syrupy texture that can only result from a slow, natural maturing process in wooden casks. Intensely sweet and delicately tangy, it features molasses, plum, raspberry and mulberry aromatic notes.


This is the balsamic vinegar to bring out for special occasions. It is exquisite with fruit, ice cream and cheese. Try a few drops over parmesan. So delicious it can be enjoyed by itself from a spoon.

Distinctives attributes

Made with only the best selections of grape musts and wine vinegars, this balsamic vinegar's taste and density make it very similar to products from the traditional category. It is mainly crafted from organic grape must cooked naturally over a fire and aged in an oak cask, left to evaporate naturally over many seasons and combined with local organic wine vinegars of Trebbiano and Lambrusco varieties.


Alessandro Calveri, master producer with 30 years of experience in the balsamic vinegar industry, and Marina Spaggiari, steward of her family's ancestral know-how and an expert in the traditional production of balsamic vinegar of Modena. In 2005, they joined forces and founded a new business anchored in both tradition and modern technology, a winning combination marrying generations-old secrets with contemporary production techniques. The company relies on 13 hectares of Trebbiano and Lambrusco vineyards, varietals typical to the region and characteristic of the IGP and AOP designations used to identify balsamic vinegar of Modena. The grapes are harvested by hand exclusively, and the must is always cooked over an open flame, following ancestral methods. After blending and maturing, the vinegar is aged is over 5,000 casks of various sizes and wood species.


Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.


Organic cooked grape must, organic wine vinegar. Contains sulfites. No GMOs.

The world’s leading producer of balsamic vinegar, Acetum, was founded in 1906 in the Modena region, the only geographical area whose balsamics can bear the Protected GeographicaI Indication (PGI) logo. Indeed, the quality of a balsamic vinegar depends not only on its ingredients, but also on its origin, since natural factors such as the climate, terroir and air play a defining role. The company is one of the largest balsamic producers, leaving the grape must to mature naturally in wooden casks in the most authentic Italian tradition.