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Famiglia Favuzzi

Favuzzi organic divine balsamic

The reasons for its creation

In order to meet a growing demand from our customers, a Favuzzi line of vinegars became a must. This line also reflect our desire to develop ecologically responsible products.

Method of production

Italian organic grape clusters, strictly Trebbiano Lambrusco, as stated by the product regulation of this precious and unique product, are pressed. Then these juices (or musts) are separated from the pulp, skin and seeds to be cooked. Organic wine is then incorporated into the product, acting as a fermenting agent. All stages of production comply with the I.G.P. (A product with a protected geographical indication is traditionally manufactured in its protected area and therefore, has unique properties).


Produced in Modena: the original city of balsamic vinegar and the only production area with I.G.P. (Region legally protected from the production of balsamic vinegar).

The artisans behind this product

The priority of our producer is to ensure that production is made according to tradition and standards of quality, while also putting in place practices that are respectful of the environment.

Organic cooked grape must, organic wine vinegar. Contains sulfites.

The world’s leading producer of balsamic vinegar, Acetum, was founded in 1906 in the Modena region, the only geographical area whose balsamics can bear the Protected GeographicaI Indication (PGI) logo. Indeed, the quality of a balsamic vinegar depends not only on its ingredients, but also on its origin, since natural factors such as the climate, terroir and air play a defining role. The company is one of the largest balsamic producers, leaving the grape must to mature naturally in wooden casks in the most authentic Italian tradition.