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Famiglia Favuzzi

Favuzzi pistachio cream P.D.O Bronte

Why we created this product

True happiness in each spoonful!          

Distinctive features

Bronte pistachios, the “green gold of Sicily”, grow in volcanic soil. They are characterized by their long narrow shape, their deep emerald-green and purple shade and their unique, mild and delicate taste.

Our cream is prepared exclusively with pistachios from Bronte, which have been granted a denomination of protected origin (DOP).


The pistachios used in this velvety cream grow on the slopes of the Etna, Europe’s highest and most active volcano, located in the Sicilian town of Bronte. Sicily is the only region of Italy where pistachio trees of the Pistacia variety can grow. Bronte is the Italian pistachio capital and dedicates some 3,000 hectares of land (80% of the region’s surface area) to the culture of this nut.

Production method

The pistachios are harvested every two years, on uneven years. Each plant yields between 5 and 15 kg and the harvest is always done by hand, with a basket slung over the shoulder, or by shaking the trees so the nuts fall on towels laid down on the ground. Some even use an upturned umbrella!

Their hands stained with resin and working with great patience, all of Bronte’s inhabitants, young and old alike, take part in this biennial harvest.

The artisans behind the product

Our producer’s family has specialized in nut processing for three generations. Fifteen years ago, they also branched out in specialty pastries and confectioneries.


Use our pistachio cream as an ingredient or garnish in desserts, or as a topping for toast, pancakes, ice cream or Greek yogurt.

Bronte green pistachio 65%, sugar, milk powder, extra virgin olive oil, non-hydrogenated vegetable oil, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat (sunflower oil, cocoa butter), emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavours, natural coloring (E141).

Store in a cool, dry place. May contain traces of nuts and dried fruits.

Bronte pistachio specialists Vincente owe their success to this tiny nut growing on the steep volcanic rock slopes of the Etna, in Sicily, since ancient times. It was the first Arab colonizers who progressively perfected and refined its cultivation. Vincente’s products owe their exceptional quality to carefully selected raw ingredients, to carefully crafted details and to jealously guarded secret recipes!