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Famiglia Favuzzi

Favuzzi Porcini & Salt

Richly flavored with sun-dried porcini, onions, garlic and herbs, it is a natural rub for halibut and chicken, and a great compliment to risotto, roasted mushrooms, and game meats.

Fleur de sel 75%, porcini mushrooms (boletus edulis) 15%, parsley, basil, oinion, garlic, black pepper, pink pepper, bay leaf, sage.

The artisanal business Casina Rossa (red house in Italian) has been based in the Abruzzo mountains for two generations. The cooks prepare typically Italian specialties following their grandmothers’ methods, such as simmering tomato sauces over low heat. The company focuses on using the best local products and superior quality ingredients. The artisans’ talent and know-how are the reason Favuzzi chose them to make its branded tomato sauces and truffle olive oil.