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Hot Sauces

Hot Sauce Smoke Show

The skull-and-flames imagery of most hot sauces is a nothing more than a distraction. Smokeshow’s design is simple and we let the sauce do the talking. Smoke Show is spicy, lightly smoked, and sweetened with Quebec maple syrup, it is a product that reflects Montrealers’ taste.  With this sauce, the goal was, simply to make something that tastes good and that people will get addicted to.

Jalapeno peppers, water, apple cider, vinegar, lemon juice, maple syrup, salt, onion powder, mustard seed, tumeric, paprika.

Smoke Show’s first original recipe was the fruit of an experiment in the backyard of a small suburban house. Since then, its spicy grilled and smoked jalapeno sauce has been featured in over 100 restaurants in Montreal, a city known as one of North America’s leading foodie destinations. Today, Smoke Show counts amongst the most popular brands with both chefs and consumers.