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Smoked Apple Joe Beef Mustard

Why was this product created ?

To recreate the Joe Beef experience at home. The Joe Beef restaurant is considered one of the best in Canada (81st best in the world1 and 3rd in Canada2).

1The world’s 50 best restaurants 2015 (51-100 winners list)

2Canada’s 100 best 2017

Distinctive features

Prepared exclusively with natural quality ingredients, Joe Beef smoked apple mustard is preservative-, GMO- and gluten- free. Certified kosher, it is made with #1 brown mustard seeds from the Canadian Prairies, the same sourced by the world’s greatest mustard makers! In fact, Saskatchewan mustard seeds make up over 80 % of the world market and are of the highest quality. Our producer’s facilities are certified HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and SQF (Safe Quality Foods Program).

Production method

Joe Beef mustard is prepared following traditional production methods, in 500 litre batches, and according to the same rules of the art as Europe’s greatest mustard makers. The mustard seeds are stone-ground then macerated. Finally, for the last production step production, the mixture is transferred to a homogenizer featuring the latest technology. Joe Beef mustard recipes are exclusive and have been developed by Dave and Fred to reflect the Joe Beef “flavour”.


Joe Beef mustards are produced in the greater Montreal area.

The artisans behind the product

David McMillan and Fred Morin are long-time friends who, 10 years ago, at a turning point in their careers, decided to do things differently. Having acquired a strong reputation at the Globe restaurant, the two chefs wanted to create a casual space where gourmets would enjoy the best seafood, meats and wines. In short, an unpretentious restaurant that would satisfy the most refined palates.


Perfect to enhance meats and sausages, Joe Beef smoked apple mustard is also great in vinaigrettes and marinades.

Water, concentrated apple juice, apple powder, mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, natural smoke aroma, citric acid.

The story behind Joe Beef products

“We created a line of Joe Beef products based on actual products we have made in our restaurants for years, the dry spices are blends we tinker with in our restaurants and homes and use across our menu. It's kind of the "Joe Beef flavour" of things! The liquid products, again, are extensions of things we make in house: steak sauce, BBQ sauce, hot sauce and so on. We want the products to be used daily in the home, as we do. Nothing strange, just straightforward enhancements to make yours and our cooking easier and more delicious. We know we are not reinventing the wheel here. We make all these products well knowing that not everyone will ever come to our tiny restaurant in Little Burgundy, Montreal, so you can take a little bit of the smallest hardest working restaurant in Canada in your home. It means the world to us.” - Signed Fred and Dave and the whole team at Joe Beef!


  • # 81 in the top 100 in the world (2015)
  • # 4 in the top 100 in Canada (2016)
  • The Art of Living According to Joe Beef: A Cookbook of sorts - 1st place in the Annual Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks.
  • # 19 in the top 25 Greatest Canadian Non-Fiction Books of All Time



“There’s no rhyme or reason to their menu—it’s whatever they want to do—and God bless them for that. There’s nowhere in the world like it. It’s one of my favourite places of all time.” - David Chang, American restaurateur, author, television personality, founder of the Momofuku restaurant group.

“Now that the word is out, chances are you won't nab a reservation anytime soon (even Anthony Bourdain, who dined here last week, had to reserve a week in advance).” -Lesley Chesterman, fine dining critic and food columnist.

“Though this food is far from flashy, I can't think of much I tasted here that I didn't thoroughly enjoy.” -Lesley Chesterman, fine dining critic and food columnist.

“The fact Joe Beef has been voted Canada’s best restaurant isn’t going to come as a surprise to enthusiasts of the nation’s food scene. […] Joe Beef has been a force in Montreal’s restaurant scene both as a destination for culinary travelers and as an influencer of other establishments in the city.” - Adrian Brijbassi, managing editor, writer and collaborator for the Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, CTV and more.

“There is a sense of history to the book and their deep love of Montreal is evident throughout. There is richness in detail and usually a lovely idiosyncratic story for each recipe that makes the book as much of an engaging read as a straightforward cookbook. I loved the story of ‘Building a garden in a crack den.’ It is my honour and pleasure to announce the winner of this year's Piglet is...The Art of Living According to Joe Beef.” - Alice Waters, American chef, owner of Chez Panisse, activist and author.

“Our goal is a relaxed atmosphere. […] Ultimately all we wanted to do was serve oysters, crab salad, Dover sole and steak Diane, and sell bordeaux, burgundy, chablis and sancerre.” - David McMillan, as told by Lesley Chesterman, Nuvo Magazine.