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EVOO Domenica Fiore Novello 2017

Limited quantity

Olio Novello is made from the oil of the first olive harvest in October. These olives are slightly greener than the main harvest, and the oil is bottled immediately, unfiltered.

The result is a bright green oil, spicy with notes of green grass and the flavor of fresh olives.

“Novello” means “new” and until recently, Novello was available only to olive millers and their families, who would enjoy it in the days following the harvest, while the commercial oil was settling. This premium fresh oil is best enjoyed drizzled over roasted meats and fish, soups and salads, bruschetta and grilled vegetables.


  • NYIOOC Silver award
  • One of the world's TOP 10 olive oils
  • Prestige Gold - 2017 Terra Olivo International Olive Oil Competition
  • Gold Medal - 2017 New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC)
  • Gold Medal - 2017 Oil China International Olive Oil Competition
  • Gold Medal - 2017 Domina International Olive Oil Contest (DIOOC)
  • Gold Medal -  2017 Olive Japan International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
  • Best In Show Organic EVOO and Double Gold Medal - 2017 Athena International Olive Oil Competition
  • Gold Medal - 2017 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

The Fiore Estate

The Fiore Estate represents a story of commitment and passion. Two Italians—one from Canada and one from Italy—both dedicated to producing the very best olive oil without compromise.

Seduced by gently rolling hills and the discovery of an exceptional soil for olive groves, we were drawn to this estate overlooking the medieval village of Orvieto. Poised amidst a landscape of volcanic origins, the estate was in need of nurturing. Canadian Frank Giustra fell in love with the land, and its promise, and purchased the surrounding orchards in 2010. As a way of demonstrating his commitment to restoring health to the orchards and his Italian heritage, he named the estate after his mother in recognition of her dedication to home and family. Local Orvietano preservationist Cesare Bianchini would bring his singular knowledge of the land to the endeavor, overseeing all the farming and olive oil production.

To acknowledge the rich heritage of olive oil production that dates back to Etruscan times, the single estate has invested in the sustainable care of the land. They pride themselves in bringing you the freshest olive oil possible, bottling our oil in state-of-the-art nitrogen sealed 18/10 stainless steel bottles to preserve extremely high antioxidants levels and polyphenol count. Their gift to you—organic extra virgin olive oil that is traceable every step of the way, from an estate that employs artisanal methods from an olive oil master and is transparent at every stage.


A Distinctive Soil, Rich in Minerals

Every great story has a beginning, and ours begins with the land.

Surrounded by the incredible beauty of Umbria, il cuore verde dell’Italia, the Domenica Fiore Estate looks out over the ancient city-state of Orvieto, which first flourished as an Etruscan settlement. 

Nestled between the mist-covered Apennine Mountains and the gently flowing Paglia River, 100 miles from the sea, there is mystery to this land. Embedded in its soil and mystical caves are seashells. These shells are more than a surprise left for us over 5 million years ago. They are a gift to our olive trees, creating a distinctive soil rich in minerals and prehistoric nutrients—perfect for sustaining and enriching our exquisite olive oil varieties.

Drenched in Sun

Stretched across the northeast ridge of the Orvieto valley, the Fiore orchards of traditional olive varieties, Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantoio flourish at an elevation between 320 and 480 meters above sea level —too high for the olive fly to cause any damage, thus making it easier for them to grow their olives organically.

Their 10,000 trees are poised on gentle slopes, some steeper than others, but all perfect for drainage and deep root structure. They are blessed by an optimal elevation, and the sun works throughout the day to nurture and ripen the olives.

Organically Grown, Harvested by Hand

Their olive oil is created with a deep respect for the land. They know that the earth has its own wisdom and see their role as its steward. They feed the soil, nurture the land and tend to their trees so that the fruit will flourish. And they harvest when the orchards tell them the fruit is perfect for picking, not when it suits them.

In early October, as the daylight shortens and the cool weather beckons, the harvest begins. They hand-select looking for veraison olives—olives that have just started to change color in the early stages of ripening. Although these olives yield less oil than ripe ones, they possess an incredibly high concentration of polyphenols along with very low acidity.

Their first olives harvested are the Leccino, followed by the Frantoio, then the Moraiolo and finally the Canino.

They start at the lower elevations, and often go through the groves more than once. This ensures a balance of a fruity aroma and green pungency—and a high presence of antioxidants.

This is a more labor-intensive process than harvesting the olives at the same time. It is the artisanal craft of producing a far superior olive oil.

Capturing the Flavor

To achieve the pure goodness and full taste of our organic olive oil, they use modern small-batch cold extraction. Their process employs minimal but highly efficient technology, resulting in the use of far less water, no additional heat and absolutely no solvents. During malaxation, there is minimal exposure to oxygen during what is the longest phase of oil production. This oxygen exposure is carefully calibrated to ensure optimal flavor.

Throughout the milling process, attention is paid to the smallest detail. The fruit is crushed with pits, because within the white core of the pit lies a subtle flavor that, once released, changes the pungency of the oil. They don’t use water when cleaning before their olives are crushed because the less water, the more complex the resulting flavor. Throughout the process, temperatures are maintained at 20° to 24° C, with the focus always on quality rather than yield.

The Art and Science

Blended with exquisite craftsmanship, the organic olive oils of Domenica Fiore are deliciously complex and well balanced, with heady aromas and remarkable flavor.

For their award-winning Olio Novello, they don’t wait. The blend is mostly Leccino, with some other varieties. It is bottled immediately and is ready for your enjoyment in November.

For their award-winning Olio Reserva, they blend for the standards of the DOP Umbria Colli Orvietani. They wait for the oil to rest for two months until it reaches its true flavor. Then they begin to blend, and taste and blend some more, until the flavor is complex and harmonious, the perfect complement to every meal. They also strive for consistency so their customers will know what to expect year to year, delighted by an experience that is simply extraordinary.