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Olive Oils

Notes aromatiques Green
Artichoke Grass Green
Altitude 60 m

Olio di Maria

Oil featuring intense, persistent green olive, tomato, fine herbs, fresh leaves and citrus aromas, with a long, bitter finish.

Maria Massari, a retired schoolteacher, now devotes her time to producing organic olive oil. In the late 1980s, she was among the first to favour organic production in Italy. She developed new techniques for organic agriculture, most notably to fight the olive fruit fly. Also available from the same producer:Marcinase (Fruttato leggero).

Puglia (Centre), Italy

The Minervini family from Molfetta, a coastal town at the center of Apulia, the most ancient and important olive growing region of Italy, produced for several generations olive oil from her land and her oil mill. This activity ceased in the 1960s’, when the latest descendants engaged in professions outside agriculture.  

It was Maria Massari, b.a. in natural sciences and teacher in the secondary schools, wife of Gregorio Minervini, civil engineer, who resumed the family tradition of agriculture production. Mrs. Massari, starting in 1993, applied the methods of the ‘biological agriculture’ to the olive grove Marcinase, owned by her husband, and so doing she produced an ‘extra-virgin’ olive oil that gained, year after year, prizes and recognitions in the most important national and international competitions in this sector, and was the object of  flattering, sometimes enthusiastic reviews in the most important specialized guides. Even in 2010, the year in which Mrs Massari was taken ill and died, the firm Marcinase gained prizes in the international competition “BIOL” and in the national competition “ARMONIA”.

Following his wife’s death, Gregorio Minervini, owner of the firm Marcinase, decided not to take part in olive oil competitions in 2011. He resumed to participate in  2012, with results that, up to these days, confirm the widespread opinion of very high quality that the Marcinase olive oil had conquered over the years, gaining prizes in competitions like “BIOL”, “ERCOLE OLIVARIO”, “ORCIOLO D’ORO”, “ LEGAMBIENTE”, “FEDERDOP GRAND PRIX” and “BIO PRESS VERLAG” and “DERFEINSCHEMEKER”  in Germany

Owned by the family since 1700, the extra virgin olive oil from this farm, Marcinase, is obtained through particular production procedures:

  • the cultivated varieties are Cima di Bitonto, Coratina and Pasola;
  • the olives are exclusively those of the olive groves owned by the Minervini family;
  • they are cultivated applying rigidly the methods of ‘biological agriculture’;
  • they are reaped manually, with the help of little mechanical stirrers, exactly when the olives begin to turn dark, and therefore at a different moment for each of the three varieties;
  • the olives are grinded within 24 hours of their entering the oil mill, avoiding any heating, through the ‘continuous method’ and  the use of grindstones;
  • the oil obtained in this way is accurately stored in stainless steel cases, without oxygen, at a temperature almost constant and, anyway, at no more than 18° centigrade.

The organolectic characters of the olive oil Marcinase are dues not only to the varieties of the olives employed and the above mentioned production procedures, but even to the varieties of the soils on which the trees grow and to their distance, altitude and position in relation to the sea.

Different mixtures of the oil derived from the olives Cima di Bitonto and Coratina produce the three kinds of the olive oil Marcinase:  Fruttato Leggero, Fruttato Medio and Fruttato Intenso.

In its latest July 2016 edition, Protégez-Vous magazine published the results of a survey revealing the best olive oils currently found on the market, placing our very own Marcinase in second position, according to taste and quality tests performed on a range 27 different olive oils. Obtaining a very close score to the number one position, which was held by another one of our oils, the Planeta, the Marcinase was awarded second place with a score of 79 % for its fresh taste, well balanced bitterness, spicy olives flavors and lightly spicy aftertaste.