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Pasta, Rice, Beads & Soups

Garlic parsley fettuccine

Al Dente Pasta starts with the best ingredients—100% durum semolina flour. There is only 3/4 of an egg per bag of pasta. Anyone who has ever made pasta knows that it is impossible to make perfect pasta without any egg at all. Then they hand-feed the dough through heavy steel rollers, sheeting it again and again to ensure a light, smooth texture. A slow-drying process dries the pasta uniformly so the AL DENTE pasta is tender but firm pasta that cooks to al dente perfection in just three minutes.

Monique and her husband Dennis created AL DENTE PASTA in Michigan in 1981. Today, their company employs some 20 people in production facilities overlooking Whitmore Lake, a small lake in Michigan. The taste of fresh handmade pasta combined with the convenience of dried pasta is what makes their products so popular. Ready in less than 3 minutes, they make a perfect back-to-school meal.