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Porcini risotto

Why was this product created ?

To bring home the flavors and quality of a risotto made in a top notch northern Italian restaurant.

Distinctive features

Favuzzi risottos let you prepare a meal worthy of a fancy Italian restaurant in a few easy steps. We have selected the finest ingredients to create our risotto blends: carnaroli rice, famously the best for risottos, dehydrated black truffles and dehydrated porcini mushrooms.


Located in the high hills of Roccascalegna in Italy which enjoy a mild and temperate climate throughout the year, the recipes are made from raw materials having benefited from the best conditions to develop.

The artisans behind the product

The Laurentiis family has carefully prepared several Italian specialties for two generations. Passionate, they share with pleasure authentic and traditional recipes more delicious than each last.


Preparing a risotto is easy as can be: add some broth, a glass of white wine and parmesan, then stir with a wooden spoon !

Carnaroli superfine rice (92%), dried porcinis (6%) (Boletus edulis), porcini powder, sea salt, onions, white pepper, parsley.

Lucedio is the very place where rice cultivation was introduced to Italy, on land belonging to an abbey founded by monks in 1123. Fruit of a tradition now over 1,000 years old, Principato di Lucedio is a premium rice that is ideal for preparing authentic Italian risotto.