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Balsamic Pearls

Balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP is converted by spherification into a delicious cascade of small pearls, used as a sophisticated garnish for a variety of popular dishes. Spherification is a molecular gastronomy technique consisting in the controlled jellification of a fluid (in this case, balsamic vinegar), to which sodium alginate (derived from brown algae) is added before it is submerged in a bath. The result of this process is the formation of tiny gel spheres with a liquid center.

Serving suggestions

These pearls have practically limitless uses in the kitchen: try them on smoked salmon, beef carpaccio or a fresh fish tartare.

Looking for more original ideas? Serve them with crackers and cheese, caramelized onions or even strawberries…

They add a surprising hint of acidity to meat or fish dishes and truly come alive when paired with ice cream.

Nero Modena is the artisan behind Tondo. From growing the vines to building the casks for maturation, they oversee each stage of the production. The company uses only superior quality ingredients such as Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes, processed traditionally without any additives. Its ultramodern maturation rooms can even mimic seasonal temperature changes, a crucial factor in the making of traditional balsamic vinegar.