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Pedro Ximénez

Imported from Córdoba, this vinegar is aged for 10 years using the Solera process. A unique system ages Pedro Ximénez grapes in oak, where flavours mingle to give us this amazing vinegar. The result is a vinegar with discerning tones of mahogany, originally sugary notes and a touch of bittersweet.

The Alvear family’s love for vineyards blossomed in the 17th century, in the famous Sierra de Montilla near Cordoba, Andalusia. Eight generations later, Bodegas Alvear is a prestigious wine grower. They owe their success to the unique and incomparable Pedro Ximénez grape variety, and to a production method called solera, which promotes maturation by blending older wine with the new. Their Pedro Ximénez wine vinegar is made from premium wines, following the same process as sherry vinegar.