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Vinegar preparation with pear pulp and vanilla

Their vinegars contain a high proportion of fruit. This one is made with Bartlett pear pulp and flavoured with Madagascar vanilla. Use it as a seasoning for exotic salads or to enhance avocadoes, grapefruits, apples, kiwis, shrimp, tofu, sushi… You can also make a delicious tangy caramel by substituting this vinegar for water.

Fruit pulp, natural Madagascar vanilla, a small quantity of sugar, some added pectin depending on recipe and a vegetal white vinegar base.

Gluten-free, no sulfites or allergens. Vegetarian recipes.

Popol have been specializing in vinegar making since 1987. Their expertise: perfect harmony between a high proportion of fruit and a sulfite-free vegetal vinegar base. Flavourful, smooth and slightly tangy, their products will deliciously enhance your hot and cold dishes. The only limit is your culinary imagination.