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Vinegar preparation with raspberry pulp

This vinegar contains a high proportion of fruit. This one is made with raspberry pulp and is our favourite to dress traditional salads made with lamb's lettuce, chicory, oaklea. It is also great to deglaze the cooking juices of meats such as duck, pork, veal or game. It will bring richness and just a hint of zestiness to your sauces made with berries like blackcurrants, cranberries or blueberries.

Prepared vegetables, AOP Espelette pepper, a small quantity of sugar, some added pectin depending on recipe and a vegetal white vinegar base.

Gluten-free, no sulfites or allergens. Vegetarian recipes.

Popol have been specializing in vinegar making since 1987. Their expertise: perfect harmony between a high proportion of fruit and a sulfite-free vegetal vinegar base. Flavourful, smooth and slightly tangy, their products will deliciously enhance your hot and cold dishes. The only limit is your culinary imagination.