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Vinegar preparation with tomato pulp and bell pepper, seasoned with Espelette pepper

Their vinegars contain a high proportion of fruit. This one is made with tomato pulp cooked Provençal style (with onions, garlic, seasonings and oil), peppers braised with garlic, seasonings and oil and AOP Espelette pepper. It is ideal to enhance your pasta salads as well as rice- and tomato-based dishes. Don't hesitate to try it in a marinade for white meats such as chicken, turkey, pork and veal. After just half an hour, they will take on a mouth-watering colour and aroma. Simply grill on a plancha.

Prepared vegetables, a small quantity of sugar, some added pectin depending on recipe and a vegetal white vinegar base.

Gluten-free, no sulfites or allergens. Vegetarian recipes.

Popol have been specializing in vinegar making since 1987. Their expertise: perfect harmony between a high proportion of fruit and a sulfite-free vegetal vinegar base. Flavourful, smooth and slightly tangy, their products will deliciously enhance your hot and cold dishes. The only limit is your culinary imagination.