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A word of reassurance

Dear Clients, 

Allow me to introduce myself: Michel Favuzzi, president and founder of Famiglia Favuzzi. 

Organizations all around the world are currently looking for new ways to work and collaborate in order to slow the spread of the virus, and all are concerned about preserving food security and continuing their business activities. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all personnel who remain in stores and work tirelessly, not without risk to themselves, to make sure Canadians are still well supplied with food.

Famiglia Favuzzi’s priority is to ensure our employees and clients stay safe, while maintaining the same quality services.

Store visits and order taking

Considering the crisis we are going through, we realize how important it is to be able to order online. To limit the number of store visits our representatives have to make, we encourage you to access our web portal and to use the order forms you will find there. Your representative can help you open an account on our website and remains available to take your orders by phone or email (see attached the contact details for our representatives, by region).


We remain in constant communication with our vendors, who are located in over ten countries, and can assure you that we will be able to meet our clients’ needs when it comes to stocks. It goes without saying that we will prioritize our regular clients and fulfill their orders before those of new clients.

Order delivery and pickup

We will continue to deliver orders as usual. However, we have put in place new measures to protect you as well as our delivery staff. For the time being and until further notice, we will not be accepting cash or check payments upon delivery of the order. We will only process payments by credit card, before the order ships. We are also asking our delivery staff to drop off boxes at the delivery dock and not to enter our clients’ facilities.

To pick up your orders at our warehouse in person, you will need to get an authorization and make an appointment by contacting Stéphanie, in Customer Service, at 514-277-1234 ext. 225.

Our employees’ and family members’ hearts go out to the population and the small businesses affected by the crisis.

Michel Favuzzi