Cacio e Pepe seasoning

Experience the taste of Rome: Unveil the magic of Favuzzi's Cacio e Pepe seasoning.


Truffle mayonnaise

Enhance your meals with a touch of truffle thanks to the new Favuzzi mayo.


Truffle hot sauce

Awaken your palate: Italy's finest truffles meet fiery chilies.


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Learn all about
olive oil

Explore olive oils and test your knowledge on the topic. Our founder Michel Favuzzi, who received an olive oil sommelier certification from New York's prestigious International Culinary Center, shares his passion for olive growing.

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Dedicated artisans

Each one of our artisans is proud to sign his or her finished creations, as a testament to quality.

Alex Sereno et Enrico Serena

Our coffees are roasted by Alex Sereno and Enrico Serena, two coffee lovers... and childhood friends! Enrico is the creator, and Alex is the communicator. Together, they have won the challenge of offering a high-quality product - "Slow Roast"...

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