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At Favuzzi, we firmly believe that happiness comes from good things. We focus on products of the highest possible quality, prepared with the best natural ingredients by exceptional artisans who share our passion for doing things well. Our products are sold through the best food retailers in Canada. Follow the “Find this product” link on the product page to find the retailer nearest you.


Latest releases

Coconut Oil : Getting the Facts Straight !

Coconut oil could be as harmful to health as red meat and butter, according to new research published by the American Heart Association.

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Pasta : Your Ally for Maintaining a Healthy Weight

A study carried out by the IRCCS Neuromed Institute (Pozzilli, Italy) has shown that contrary to popular belief, pasta does not increase the risk of obesity, and that it can even help maintain a healthy weight.

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Favuzzi Evoo made by what is recognized as the best mill factory from spain 2017

Spanish Association of Municipalities of the Olive Tree (AEMO) recognizes to mill factory located in Eljas, (Sierra de Gata Cultural Park) from Spain, the Best Mill Factory from Spain at yearly AEMO Awards.

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