Balsamic vinegars

Our balsamic vinegars are the fruit of a distinct recipe: blends of grape must and wine vinegar produced and aged in various conditions are mixed together. Even though maturation in wooden barrels imparts elegant and complex tannic notes to all balsamic vinegars, a premium balsamic can only be crafted with superior ingredients.

Our passion:
to find the best olive oil

We express our great passion for olive growing while following the country's strictest selection and quality control standards. For generations, the Favuzzi family has lived according to the rhythm of the harvests on Italy's Adriatic coast, collaborating with the Mediterranean Basin's best olive producers to bring olive oils of unparalleled quality to the market.

Michel Favuzzi, the owner of the company, is a certified olive oil sommelier graduated from New York's International Culinary Center and wrote a book to help consumers trust their judgment when tasting and buying olive oil. He partnered with some of the best producers in the world like Miguel who produces our Moderate extra-virgin in Estremadura, Spain, was named 6+ times the best olive oil producer in Spain; and Saverio in Puglia, where Michel's family is originally from, that has been crafting some of the best olive oils in Italy.

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