Our mission

To find
specialty food
the best

Anyone who has travelled to Italy remembers the unique experience of sitting down in a modest village trattoria and eating the best meal of their life. We hope our products will make you relive this unparalleled experience. And if you've never been to Italy, our products may just be the next best thing.

Our history

For generations, the Favuzzi family has lived according to the rhythm of the harvests near the Adriatic coast, in Italy. Michel Favuzzi, our founder, discovered the family's olive growing tradition through his uncle Damiano during a trip to Europe. It is worth noting that food is part of every conversation with the Favuzzis. Each family member is deeply attached to the land, passionate about doing things well, and focused on quality over high yield. Damiano is both a chef and an agricultural producer; it was he who encouraged his nephew to import an extra virgin olive oil bearing a protected designation of origin (PDO). This oil, produced by the oil cooperative most Favuzzi family members belong to, marked the beginning of the adventure.


Numerous travels and memorable meetings with exceptional artisans from various Mediterranean regions continue to reaffirm the company's mission, which is to offer products that put taste, authenticity and quality to the forefront.

What else do you do?

Good question! When the business was founded in the early 2000s, few food distributors were interested in artisanal products. We had to start from scratch to create a national network of premium food retailers to reach passionate foodies from coast to coast.

The company has reached such a high level of excellence in the field of specialty food product distribution it has now ranked over four times as one of Canada's 500 fastest-growing companies. If this trend is any indication, the company's success is not about to wane!


Today, Favuzzi counts three warehouses (in Montreal, Toronto and Calgary) and distributes dozens of exclusive brands to enhance the food offering everywhere in Canada, with thousands of retailing partners both big and small.

Visit the website for our Distribution division to learn more about the exclusive brands we represent: