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The Favuzzi Family

Our Mission

  1. Improving the food offering with exceptional quality products.
  2. Connecting passionate Canadian foodies with the best artisans from around the country and around the world.
  3. Making our products available all over Canada, when and where consumers expect to find them.

Our Culture

A company’s culture shapes the attitudes and behaviours that are encouraged and accepted by every member of the organization. When all members share the same values, they can generate phenomenal synergy and meet the most ambitious goals. Here are the values that define us.

Looking after our own

We emphasize constructive relationships and mutual trust. Our workplace is warm, collaborative and welcoming, fostering a climate of reciprocal help and support. United by loyalty, we cultivate sincerity, team work, positive connections and humour. Whether we are defining business processes or managing challenges on a human scale, common sense guides our approach.

Getting off the beaten path

We are inventive and open-minded. We continually explore original ways to introduce our wonderful products to as many people as possible. We encourage curiosity, innovation, knowledge and adventure. We welcome any new idea to drive the growth of our business, as long as it is aligned with our mission to improve the food offering.

Going above and beyond

We are winners, proud and strong-willed, always ready to show that we are better than the competition at satisfying our customers. Each of us is motivated by a desire to succeed, to exceed expectations and to reach the goals we have set. We are glad to be a part of the Favuzzi family and to see our business flourish. We take great satisfaction in the company’s success, as it contributes to the well-being of its employees, its clients and the members of its community.

Our Manifesto

Favuzzi improves the food offering and connects passionate Canadian foodies with the best artisans from around the country and around the world.

Nothing but the best

We focus on products of the highest possible quality, prepared with the best natural ingredients by exceptional artisans who share our passion for doing things well.

It’s better to do a single thing and to do it well

We don’t like to describe ourselves as a distributor! We are not looking to fill our catalogue with countless items just to boost our sales. We prefer to seek out only distinctive fine food brands we truly love, created by people we sincerely admire!

We represent each one of the brands we distribute as if it were our own.

Sharing our passion for fine food

We are committed to feeding your inspiration and to helping you discover the history and culture of the artisans who make our products. We want to bring you moments of pure delight through our blog, our original recipes, our cooking workshops, our in-store tastings and our educational guides. Our passionate team members, who all take advantage of ongoing training on the “Favuzzi Campus,” put their expertise at your disposal.

The right product in the right place

Find our products easily when and where you expect them to be. They are distributed through more than 1,500 retailers countrywide, including the best gourmet food stores and major grocery chains.

Our Story

From Molfetta to Canada

The company was founded in 2001 by Michel Favuzzi, a Montrealer with Italian roots.

For generations, the Favuzzis have led a life shaped by the rhythm of the harvest in Molfetta, a small town in Italy’s Puglia region, the country’s main centre for olive oil production. 

It is only after starting his university studies, during a trip to Europe, that Michel learned about the family’s olive-growing tradition from his uncle Damiano. It is worth pointing out that food is at the heart of every conversation for the Favuzzis, who all share a deep attachment to the land and a passion for doing things well, and focus on taste rather than yield. Damiano, a chef and farmer, encouraged his nephew to start importing the Goccial di Sole, an extra virgin olive oil with a protected designation of origin. It is this oil, produced by the cooperative to which belong most of the Favuzzis still living in Molfetta, that launched the adventure.

Today, the company owes its success to Michel’s dedication to promoting exceptional artisans, to surrounding himself with a passionate team and to collaborating with retailers who share his commitment to showcasing quality products. For several years, Favuzzi has featured on the Profit 500 ranking of Canada’s 500 fastest-growing companies.



Our Products

Each of us is different and unique. No one wants to be “ordinary.” We all hope to leave our mark. It is with that perspective in mind that we select the products we represent exclusively.

We are not especially interested in what is already on the market. What we want is to offer the best. With all that is available out there, we let the interests of passionate foodies as well as the six criteria below guide our choices.

Features of the products we focus on:

  1. Natural: The product must be entirely natural, without artificial additives or preservatives.
  2. Ecofriendly: The producer must demonstrate a commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable methods, from the field to the packaging.
  3. Local: We only import products that can’t be made locally with the same quality and the same taste. We are strengthening our local partnerships and looking to distribute more Canadian products.
  4. Artisanal: We stay far from large agri-food conglomerates and work exclusively with growers and producers who share Favuzzi’s values.
  5. Distinctive packaging: Functional, original and attractive packaging.
  6. Simply better: Better-tasting, better-for-you products made with exclusive methods and unique ingredients.