A guide to identify and taste extra virgin olive oil

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Guide Favuzzi

In this book
you will learn...


What is olive oil, how is it made, what countries produce the most olive oil, the life cycle of the olive tree, how to read a label.


What does "extra virgin" stand for, the basic analysis criteria for evaluating the quality, why polyphenols are important, understanding the price of olive oil.


How to differentiate a good olive oil from a bad one, and the vocabulary and references used for the descriptive analysis of olive oil.

Oil and
food pairing

The basic rule for pairing your oil with your food, why extra virgin olive oil is good for frying.

Why I wrote this book

I created this for people who want to learn how to buy a good olive oil with confidence, but feel confused with the many different designations, the wide range of prices and the news on adulterated oils.

This is a simple guide to understanding what makes an olive oil better and how to identify and taste it so you never get it wrong.

We can't rely on government bodies to certify the quality and authenticity of all the oils that are currently imported into our country. What is available on the market today reflects the lack of knowledge most of us have about olive oil.

I strongly believe that as consumers, we have the power to change this. I hope that the infor- mation presented in this book is a step towards uplifting the quality for everyone's benefit.

Enjoy your read!

Michel Favuzzi