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At Favuzzi, we firmly believe that happiness comes from good things. We focus on products of the highest possible quality, prepared with the best natural ingredients by exceptional artisans who share our passion for doing things well. Our products are sold through the best food retailers in Canada. Follow the “Find this product” link on the product page to find the retailer nearest you.


Dernières publications

Biscotti, cantuccini or “legionnaires biscuit”!

This crunchy little cookie has been around for centuries and is originally from Prato, in Italy. It is traditionally served as a dessert alongside a glass of sweet wine called Vin Santo, for dipping before eating.

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Frying, a Burning Topic!

We recently mentioned a scientific study on cooking oils which showed that compared to a number of other oils (such as colza, sunflower or coconut), extra virgin olive oil was the healthiest option.

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The mysteries of balsamic vinegar revealed!

Did you know that Italian law prohibits any mention of age on balsamic vinegar bottles? How can you choose the right one?

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