Peach and Cantaloup Tea - 275ml

Peach and Cantaloup Tea

275ml - FA167


Enjoy the purity of Etna's water, infused with a fabulous blend of organic Ceylon black tea and organic peaches and melons grown near our artisan's manufacturing facility in Sicily. A deliciously refreshing drink that will delight your taste buds from the first sip.

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Our tea is born from the infusion of organic black tea leaves from Ceylon and the most emblematic fruits of the Sicilian summer, peach and melon. Made with water from Mount Etna, this artisanal tea is of unprecedented purity. Transport yourself to Italy one sip at a time, with this thirst-quenching drink with an enveloping and fruity taste.

Distinctive attributes

The quality of our citrus fruit is remarkable, as we only use the best organic fruits handpicked from orchards situated in a 100 km radius around the factory. Nothing beats the sweet taste of produce picked fresh on the same day and immediately processed. To guarantee the authenticity of our drinks, water from the slopes of Mt Etna, the most active volcano in Europe and rich in minerals, gives them a unique and inimitable taste. No additives or preservatives are needed as they naturally obtain sweetness from beets grown in Emilia-Romagna. For this reason, we think it is safe to say that you can find no other beverage quite like ours!


Founded by Philipo Tomarchio a century ago, the artisanal soda company has become renowned for its authentic Sicilian flavours. All ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure high quality and true-to-region taste. Local citrus fruits and volcanic water from within a 100 km radius of the Catania factory, combined with Italian sugar, make each batch a sensory experience to remember. Despite changing times, Tomarchio stands firm in its commitment to their craftsmanship; they continue to provide exquisite drinks using only the best local ingredients. All summed up into an experience that is impossible to replicate.


Catania, Sicily, Italy


Water, Italian sugar*, Black tea infusion with Sicilian melon peach and cantaloup* 2.5%, Peach juice from concentrate* 2%, Black tea infusion* 0.6%, Burnt sugar*, Acidifier: citric acid, Natural flavours, Antioxidant: ascorbic acid.*Organic.

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