May 12 2021

The olive tree is a symbol. The fruit is an emblem.

The olive tree is a symbol. The leaf is an icon. The fruit is an emblem.

For Saverio, the producer of our Robust intensity extra-virgin olive oil, the olive grove is at the root of all things. He tends to it with meticulous, considerate and affectionate care, inspired by his immense respect for nature and his deep conviction that an exceptional extra virgin olive oil begins on the branch, with healthy fruit.

Coratina olives are picked very early in the season, while they are still green. Although they yield a lower volume of oil, they have rich organoleptic properties and a high polyphenol content. Indeed, the Coratina, reigns supreme amongst the world’s olive varieties with the highest polyphenol concentration.

The quality of the oil depends on the quality of the olives and on the care taken during the production (pruning, fertilizing, protection and harvesting) and processing stages (olive pressing and all other steps leading to the final product).

Technological innovation and a drive to modernize have been present in “the extra virgin olive oil family” from the beginning.

Puglian nuggets of wisdom about olive growing, passed on from generation to generation, are not merely preserved, they are enhanced by a forward-looking vision.

“We are constantly striving for excellence, and are adopting the same orientation as those who adhere to our philosophy: the evolution of quality.”

The process of crafting an olive oil begins the field. Terroir plays an essential role in oil production, since the microclimate, the olive variety and the soil are closely interconnected.

Discover our Robust intensity extra-virgin olive oil, fluid in texture with lavish aromatic notes of arugula, rosemary, green artichokes and almonds and a beautiful floral fragrance. Drizzle on any favourite dish to bring out all the flavours