May 18 2021

The sea salt with fresh herbs: A Must-Have in your kitchen!

Why is seawater salty ?

Before we compare the different types of salt, you may be interested in finding out more about where salt comes from.

Some 100 million years ago, acid rain falling on the Earth leached salt from the ground into rivers; from there, it was washed into the seas.

Today, seawater contains some 30 g of salt per litre.

Do you know the difference between sea salt and table salt?

Sea salt and table salt comprise the same molecules, yet there is a significant difference in their composition: sea salt contains minerals and trace elements that are practically inexistent in table salt. Extracted naturally through sustainable, ecofriendly methods (pure seawater evaporates from salt ponds), sea salt contains no additives.

Seawater is left to rest under the sun in flats that are slightly raised to promote crystallization. Salt workers scrape the salt that has accumulated on the bottom and harvest it with a long wooden rake. They repeat this operation over two days before the drying step begins. Through the combined action of the wind and the sun, the salt begins to solidify into a crust. It is simply not possible to produce salt in regions that are not sufficiently warm and sunny.

As for table salt, it comes from subterranean layers. A saline solution is pumped to the surface, where the heat causes it to crystallize. The resulting salt is then chemically treated.

One of Europe’s best places to visit

Our artisans operate in a region bordered by the River Po to the north and the Apennine Mountains to the south, in Emilia-Romagna’s Bologna Province, one of Italy’s most fertile areas thanks to its temperate climate.

Home to the famous Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Ducati plants, Emilia-Romagna was named one of Europe’s best places to visit by Lonely Planet.

Freshness, the secret of our recipe

One of the main secrets of our Sea salt with fresh herbs is the freshness of the ingredients that make it so fragrant.

Picked daily and used at their freshest, the herbs are grown in wide fields typical of the picturesque Bologna landscape.

Many aromatic salts are made with dried herbs, but our Sea salt with fresh herbs stands out from the crowd. Seasoned with fresh rosemary, sage, garlic and black pepper, it is 100% natural, not to mention gluten-, allergen- and GMO-free.

The artisans behind the product

From harvesting to packaging, our artisans meticulously supervise every step of the process to offer a superior quality product.

The business was launched in 1968, when Franco Berti and his wife had the idea to commercialize the herbal salt widely used and appreciated in family kitchens throughout Italy. In earlier times, the seasoning was carefully prepared by housewives, who would crush the salt together with freshly picked herbs using an empty wine bottle. Today, three generations of Bertis are proudly involved in perpetuating this tradition.

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