November 20 2020

The Secret is in the Sauce

What makes a good tomato sauce?

A good tomato sauce should taste like ripe tomatoes and give the impression it was just prepared with fresh ingredients!

We reveal the five key points for an exceptional tomato sauce.

1. Tomato varieties

This may seem obvious, but knowing which type of tomato goes into the recipe is primordial since they are undeniably the most important ingredient in a good tomato sauce! Depending on the production method, and whether pulp or concentrate are used, they may be juicy, tangy, sweet, salty or insipid and unbalanced.

Our sauces are prepared with tomatoes grown in Italy’s Abruzzo region. They also contain datterino tomatoes, a variety grown in the neighbouring region of Campania. Small and oblong, these tomatoes have a similar shape to dates, hence their name. The rich volcanic soil naturally imparts a mild, sweet taste to these tomatoes harvested directly from land bordering the Vesuvio, just like San Marzano DOP tomatoes.

2. Fresh ingredients

Pay attention to the ingredients, which can be of varying origin and quality: local, imported, organic or not, frozen, fresh or dehydrated, all of these factors will impact the taste of the sauce.

Our artisanal producer deals exclusively with local suppliers and uses only fresh, organic herbs and vegetables to guarantee a premium product with a natural taste, bursting with aromas.

3. No tomato paste or concentrate

In Italian, polpa is the term for chopped tomato pulp made from peeled and seeded tomatoes, crushed then packed with their juice. In other words, it is raw tomato flesh, cut into tiny pieces. This tomato pulp is the primary ingredient in Favuzzi tomato sauces. It is combined with passata, a coulis made from crushed tomatoes, strained to remove the skin and seeds, then cooked very briefly.



4.Long and slow cooking

Our sauces are cooked over low heat in small batches of 150 kg, to reduce their weight naturally by  25 to 28% through evaporation. This is what give homemade sauces their exceptional taste and     unique texture.

Large-scale producers simply cannot obtain this result. To prepare a denser sauce, they add tomato paste or resort to concentration in sous-vide kettles. These sauces will never have the texture or aromas that only fresh ingredients cooked over low heat can develop, just like mamma’s recipe.

5. Know-how

Paola and Nicola launched their business in 1999. Our artisanal producers’ facilities are based in the Italian Abruzzo region, where magnificent mountains create a stunning backdrop to the town of Roccascalegna, on the Adriatic coast.

Winner of a “Best Condiment” award at the Fancy Food Show in the United States, the family produces condiments, specialty truffle products and our famous tomato sauces, following the most authentic Italian traditions.