Truffle Kit -

Truffle Kit



This is the perfect kit to instantly enhance the flavours of popcorn, hummus, pizza, omelets, mac and cheese and risotto.

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Our kit is composed of : 

  • Our black truffle oil: our extra virgin olive oil's moderate black truffle flavour is reminiscent of shallots and garlic, while its texture is buttery.
  • Our mushroom & truffle spread: the delicate truffle flavour reveals hints of garlic without masking the taste of the other mushroom varieties, all complemented by black olive notes.
  • Our truffle & salt: combining particularly fine grains with bits of real truffle, this salt truly brings to the forefront the taste of this rare mushroom with subtle floral and garlicky notes.

Composition of the set

  • 1x FA03 - Black truffle oil
  • 1x FA08 - Mushroom & truffle spread
  • 1x FA33 - Truffle & salt

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