June 22 2021

For a perfect Italian BBQ!

Discover the best tips from Shaughn of Ocean Park Fine Meats. What meat should you choose for an Italian BBQ? How should you season and cook your meat? He tells you all about the art of Italian BBQ!

``When I think of Italian BBQ, the first thing that comes up is “Bistecca Florentina” (Florentine steak). This is a porterhouse steak that is 2 to 3 inches thick. Grilled over proper coals. When choosing your steak, grass-fed is always finest and consistent with true Tuscan farming practices. Dry-aged is ideal if you can find it. Butchers who dry age (we do!) are rare these days, and this art has been lost now. But we still do things the old-fashioned way at Ocean Park Fine Meats. Actually, Al Forbes (my mentor) trained at Slater’s first-class meats in Victoria back in the 1960s. He learned our trade from the authentic George Slater himself``


``Anyways, a tip for cooking Bistecca Florentina is to start by placing the top part of the T-shaped bone on the grill so that the T is upside down and the steak is vertical. This allows the bone to heat up and start cooking the steak from the inside. The part in the crook of the bone is always rarer than the rest of the steak. This allows for even and consistent cooking. Next, flip the steak down and grill both sides of the steak as usual. Only flip the steak once! I learned this from an Italian friend who spent a month in Tuscany and cooked on the traditional grill.``

``For anything I grill rare, whether it is beef or lamb, I always finish with Favuzzi sea salt with fine herbs. It’s the perfect finishing salt to bring out all the juicy flavour. We sell a lot of it, and customers tell us they are addicted to it. So there’s my take on Italian barbecue. Buon Appetito!``

Shaughn - Ocean Park Fine Meats