Crushed lemon extra-virgin olive oil - 250ml

Crushed lemon extra-virgin olive oil

250ml - FA56


Pleasantly fluid, our extra virgin olive oil harmoniously balances the taste of candied lemon with a slight bitterness, followed by a peppery finish.

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Pleasantly fluid, out extra virgin olive oil harmoniously balances the taste of candied lemon with a slight bitterness, followed by a peppery finish.


Our extra virgin lemon olive oil will add bright tangy notes to steamed or grilled fish, seafood and vegetables. Use it to marinate a ceviche or chicken breasts. Simply combine it with balsamic, champagne or port vinegar to make a sweet, citrusy vinaigrette.

Distinctives attributes

This extra virgin olive oil is made by cold-pressing Coratina olives together with ripe organic Italian lemons. This is the secret behind its unique taste, impossible to achieve with other methods such as flavouring or infusing.


Saverio Guglielmi's mill was founded by his grandfather in 1954 and passed on to his father and his uncle, until Saverio himself learned to craft his own olive oils. Today, the family business grows Puglian olive trees on an estate comprising over 170 hectares. It also uses new olive varieties to produce exceptional quality oils with distinctive aromatic notes.


Andria, Apulia, Italy.


Extra virgin olive oil (Coratina olives), lemons 3%.


Unlike wine, olive oil does not improve with age. It begins to alter as soon as it is produced and can become completely oxidized in just a few months if it is not stored in ideal conditions. It needs to be consumed rapidly for its full benefits to be enjoyed. To get the freshest oil on the market, choose one from the latest harvest, in a dark glass bottle. Avoid keeping the oil on the counter, exposed to light, and near the stove or other heat sources. Instead, store it in a cool, dry place. Close the bottle tightly after use to avoid exposing the oil to air, and consume within three months of opening.



Saverio Guglielmi

This family business has been producing high quality 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil since 1954. Today, the two sons of the founder have taken over the running of the mill together with the grandson, Saverio Guglielmi. The estate covers an area of over 170 carefully cultivated hectares. The company's philosophy is to combine ancient traditions with the real needs and expectations of consumers to offer a product that stands out for its unique properties and characteristic...

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